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Gyokuro Matcha

Because Matcha contains the entire green tea leaf, it provides 10 times the amount of beneficial antioxidants as the same amount of brewed tea.

There are two grades of Matcha: "usucha" and "koicha". Usucha means "thin tea", which refers to the consistency of the mixed tea compared to koicha or "thick tea". Usucha is usually made from the sprouts of tea plants that are less than 15 years old.

Although it is referred to as “thin tea”, usucha is actually stronger tasting that koicha. If you are new to matcha drinking, we recommend you start with usucha, and start with a little less tea powder than might think, lest it become bitter.

Organic Matcha Gyokuro

A super-premium quality tea powder made from select organic Gyokuro leaves. The bright green color testifies to the freshness and quality of this wonderful tea. Presents a wonderful aroma and smooth nut-like vegetative flavor profile. Usucha grade in 30 Gram sealed tins.

Brewing: Use 2 grams (1 measure or 1/2 teaspoon) of tea powder per 8oz of hot water. Place tea powder into match bowl or large cup. Add half of the hot water to the bowl, and use whisk to mix powder and water. Add remainder of water, and whisk in sort, quick strokes for 30-60 seconds until froth forms on top of the liquid.

 Tin (30g): $25.00 - Quantity:

Matcha Tea

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