Opulent 100 Monkeys White Tea in Lone Tree at Incredible Prices

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100 Monkeys White

Notes:  This is a truly unique, premium white tea, consisting entirely of leaf/bud pairs, which are very labor-intensive to harvest. We have been carrying this tea for a number of years, and it has been sort of a well-kept-secret with White Tea lovers. Over the past year this tea has started to become very popular, and more difficult (and expensive) to obtain. If you like White Tea, you should try this one.

100 Monkeys White

Rare White Mao Feng tea from Hunan region of China. The strength of the cup belies its white nature. Leaves may be re-brewed numerous times.

Growing Region/Country: China

Brewing: 3g tea leaves (2 level teaspoons) per 8oz (250 ml) of filtered, 190 degree(F) water. Allow to brew 2-3 min. Be careful to not over-brew this tea. May be re-infused up to 3 times.

 30g/10 cups: $11.95 - Quantity:

Additional Information:
The name of this tea stems from a centuries-old tale of an old tea farmer high in the hills being terrorized by a band of monkeys. Trying without success to rid himself of the pests, he consulted a shaman. After much deliberation, the shaman gave the farmer a recipe for a new tea and instructed the farmer to provide the monkeys with 100 lbs. of the tea from this special recipe. He did so and , as promised, the monkeys were satiated and did not return.

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