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English Tea

English Tea

The English are well know for their love of tea. It was British plantation owners who planted many of the tea gardens that are still thriving today -- over 100 years later. Many of the most well know English teas are blends of various teas gathered from around the world. The recipes for many of these blends are as old as the tea gardens, and are still enjoyed to this day.

Outside Morning Steaming Cup
Assam Mangalam
A specially processed large-leaf tea, with a large percentage of golden tips. This tea has a deep, rich and malty flavor profile, with spicy hints. Brews a dark amber color in the cup.
Earl Grey Select
A truly unique Earl Grey tea. A spicy blend of high quality leaves from Ceylon and the Yunnan region of China, infused with premium bergamot essence from France.
English Breakfast
A blend of select organic teas from Assam and Sumatra. A bold, spicy and aromatic tea.
A full-flavored breakfast blend of teas from India, Kenya and China. Brews a golden cup that exhibits a slightly astringent aftertaste.
Irish Breakfast Blend
A robust blend of February Kenya and June 2nd flush Assam teas. Full, rich malty flavor notes with an astringent aftertaste.
Irish Breakfast Organic
A stout and robust blend of February Tanzanian and June 2nd flush Assam.
Norfolk Breakfast
A full round-bodied breakfast blend of teas from Sri Lanka, India and China. The cup is exceptionally smooth with slight hints of citrus and toast at the finish.
Queen Elizabeth
A flavorful blend of Indian teas from estates in Darjeeling, Assam and Nigril, combined with a fine Ceylon Dimbula.
Queen Mary
A bracing blend of teas from India, Sri Lanka and Kenya. A rounded full-flavored cup, tempered with malt and flowery notes.
Santosa Exclusive
From the finest estate in Java, a naturally sweet, with a light malty flavor profile, and subtle floral undertones typical of good Indonesian teas.

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