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Black Tea

China Tea

China is the birthplace of tea, and has a long history of producing some of the most unique teas on earth. China produces a wide variety of teas, ranging from highly oxidized Black and Puerh to unique Oolongs, Greens and White teas.

China Tea Pot Pour
China Lung Ching
Light, sweet and fruity with the classical green tea flavor. Organically grown and processed by hand.
Jasmine Green
High quality organic green tea is infused with the flavor and aroma of jasmine blossoms.
Keemun OP
A mild, aromatic and light tea from the famous Keemun Region.
Lapsang Souchong
Souchong is made from the larger, riper leaves picked from the lower portion of the tea plant. After fermentation, the leaves are roasted for a short time and then smoked over pine wood, giving this tea has a distinctive smoky flavor with a hint of spiciness.
Oolong Orange Blossom
The exotic, toasty roundness of a fine oolong, infused with fruity jasmine and orange notes.
Osprey Gunpowder
An organically grown green tea with surprising body and captivating taste.
Peacock #1
A top quality organic Green tea with a delightful fruity character. Grown at an altitude of 2500 feet above sea level in the Zhejang region of China.
Superior Gunpowder
A pan-fried and hand-formed green, mildly vegetative, with a slight touch of oak.
Yunnan Imperial
A high-grade black tea from famous Yunnan province in China. A very high percentage of golden leaf tips gives this tea a full, sweet and spicy flavor.

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