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Looking for Organic Tea? Organic production means that pesticides are not used in the cultivation. Organic production integrates cultural, biological and mechanical practices that foster the proper use of resources, promote ecological balance and conserve biodiversity.We carry a wide selection of premium teas that are certified organic according to either the USDA Organic or European Union Organic standards. All of our organic teas are clearly labeled on the Tea Summary pages (Green, Black, Darjeeling, etc.) as well as on the detail description page for each tea. There is also an option on the Tea Catalog listing that lets you to view our Organic teas sorted by type.
Brewing the Perfect Cup
Image One of the most important factors in brewing a truly great cup of tea is to use the correct amount of tea. The most accurate method of measuring tea is to measure it by weight. The "one teaspoon per cup" rule-of-thumb is close for some teas, but very inaccurate for others. Measuring your tea with a digital scale that measures in grams is the best way to assure that you have the appropriate tea/water ratio. The general rule is to use 3 grams of tea per 8oz of water. Because you have much better control over the ingredients, you will be able to brew that "perfect cup" every time. In addition to improving your tea experience, you will probably find that you are saving money by using just the right amount of tea. A Digital Gram Scale is a good investment, and will last for years.

Brew time is another factor in brewing a great cup of tea, and a Digital Tea Timer makes it simple.

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  • Free Samples:
    We always include Free Samples when we package your order. We usually select samples that we think you will like, based upon the teas you have purchased. If there is a specific tea that you would like included as a sample, please make a note of it in the Special Instructions box on the Checkout page.

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